Can i make money in Online by teaching English language? yes of course. If you have a fluent English knowledge & error free grammatical skills then you can start to earn by teaching it others through online. Because English is a global level language and it is the must know language for this globalization world for many peoples like Business Peoples – if a business man knows English then he is able to connect with the global market, Students – English helps the students to make further studies in abroad, and so on. And people of maximum countries(Except English speaking countries) has suffered from poor English skills & Grammatical errors. So that’s only people who wants to learn English has increased rapidly in the recently years and demand for English tutors is also increased. 

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For teaching English language you don’t need to be a real teacher, any body can teach English who has depth English knowledge. Teaching is one of the best profession in the word, while teaching you can improve your both teaching skills and learning skills. Having better English skills, a computer and internet connection, can make you as a good online tutor, as well as helps to make money. Below i have listed 4 best ideas to earn money as a English Teacher on internet.

Top 4 Ways to Make Money by Teaching English Online:

1. Blogging:

As a blogger i always told blogging is the best platform in online for a teaching field. Because by running a blog you can survive for a long time and your readers can get a plenty of information in a single place, with a low investment anybody can start and run a blog. At the very beginning of blogging you have to worked hard and you needs to learn many things, after sometimes you can grow that blog by spending few hours per day. Once you have learned complete guide about you can turn your geek blog into a profitable blog.

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2. YouTube:

When it comes to the Video websites in online there are huge list of sites are available, but YouTube is the unbeaten king among all those sites because it has millions and millions of users, so your tutorials can reach in a wide range of audience in a short period of time. At very first you need to make a wonderful video tutorials and create a new account/Channel on YouTube, then learn how to upload videos on YouTube and start to make money, finally promote your videos on the top social networking sites. Once your YouTube videos start to getting more views then your earning will be started, already there are thousands of people uses YouTube for making money.

3. Sell your Lessons & Materials Online:

Selling your lessons and materials (which is related to your tutorials) in online is an ultimate idea for English teachers in the aspect of earn money. In this method you can sell study materials in different formats(PDF and some other formats) through the thousands of popular study materials selling sites like, First you have to submit your materials in that sites, if anybody will buy the materials then you will get paid from that site. And also you can make your own E-books and make money by selling it through the E-commerce sites, blogs.

4. Virtual Teaching:

Virtual Teaching which is also known as “Live Video Teaching”, a face to face teaching season through a online video call. In this method you can teach lessons in live streaming to anybody in the world using internet, and it is possible to conduct classes for many peoples in different countries at a time of teaching. Nowadays people have no time to learn additional languages like English so this virtual teaching helps that people learning a lot in just sitting on their home and as a tutor you can receive fees for this service. There are lots of free virtual teaching sites and software are available in online so use the benefits of that services and also you can the popular video chatting software like Skype. And one more thing, Social Media also plays a major role in these kind of teaching by promoting your services.