In this digital world, most of the people addicted to Tech Gadgets especially Smartphones to entertain themselves or to share their feelings, photos and videos with their beloved one. Nowadays Smartphones runs on different kinds of platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, etc., and smartphone market provides various models which is suitable for the general public in the aspect of price. This is one of the reason that Smartphones almost reached 90% of the people around the world. People think that, Smartphone is used only for communication & entertainment, but many of them don’t know that, even Smartphones can able to earn considerable amount of Money. As a user you can start to earn your additional income through your handset in your free time by doing some interesting tasks. These tasks will make you to earn money as well as it helps you to explore your talents and you can do it as your hobby. Here we sorted out some proven ways to earn money through your Smartphone.

make money using smartphone

5 Ways to Make Money Through your Smartphone:

1. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is nothing but a way to promote or  refer a product/service to others in online in order to earn money in a commission basis. There are lots of companies ready to provide the Affiliate Program in order to reach their product in global level. For example , If you signed up for the affiliate program on a online shopping company, then you will get an unique tracking affiliate link. You can simply forward your unique affiliate link to others, if someone buy any products through your affiliate link, you will get a commission which is based on the price of the product. As a Smartphone user you can enjoy the benefits of the Affiliate Marketing by just sharing your Affiliate Link through Messages & Social Networking. Please note that don’t spam others with offers.

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2. Through Apps:

Generally Smartphone users have addicted to mobile Apps, in the extent of which they can’t survive without the Apps. Starting from Screenshot App to Video editing App there are billions of Applications are available on the Apps Market. In that list plenty of Money Making Apps also available, but most of the people are not aware of it. By using these Money Making Apps you can able to earn money by completing different tasks and offers. The mentioned tasks includes gaming, solving puzzles, playing quiz, installing free Apps, watching videos & advertisements and also inviting friends. Depending on your performance & hard work, you will get paid through direct payment or by Mobile Recharge.

3. Sell Your Photos:

Generally Smartphone users have the habit of capturing photos wherever they goes and whatever they does, because in these days most of the smartphones comes with high quality camera(above 5 Mega Pixel) which helps to take high resolution images. Basically high end mobile users used to share their captured photos on Social Networks and waiting for likes and comments. Instead of doing like this they can upload their stock images on photo selling websites. There are lots of stock image sites are available in online like Shutterstock, iStock, Dreamstime, etc., On these sites you needs to upload unique images captured by you, suppose a visitor buys your stock images you will get paid.

4. Sell your Own Things:

If you want to sell your own things without going outside, then here is a effective way for your crap things or your unwanted things to sell. Basically you would have some unwanted stuffs in your home, you can sell it easily through internet. There are some steps to be followed for selling your things online by simply capturing photos and videos of your things and upload it on such websites who will sell your stuffs online for a good price through your smartphone itself. Not only old things even you are able to sell your own created crafts for a whooping price, because craft things are much demanded all over the world.

5. Send Advertising SMS:

Do you have interest on sending large number of SMS to your friends network, then you can turn your hobby into a money making platform. The actual process is that many companies needs promotions for their products, so they planned to promote through SMS. There are several websites providing these services without expecting any investment, but beware of scam websites. First you should choose a suitable program for you and to create a account for you. Then using your account you can send the Advertisement provide by the website to many people through your smartphone. Once you crossed your minimum payout amount, you can able to withdraw the money with their guidance. 

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