Every person is running to achieve their basic needs like clothes, food and shelter. Our present situation is whatever you earn all our bills goes beyond the limit. Although we all need food and shop for groceries regularly That’s why We need to focus on smart saving. The Food budget is one of the first places to pinch our pennies. Purchasing as we wish within our budget is a challenging task. Here are a few tips to save your amount without sacrifice while purchasing groceries.

Top 5 Tips to Save Money on Grocery Shopping: 

Save Money On Grocery Shopping

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Plan first:

For a good start, plan first. Everything should start with planning. It gives you a clear idea what to purchase and what not. So create a detailed shopping list based on your needs. In your kitchen paste a paper, keep a grocery list, circle the cleared items, so you can avoid the missing items.

Keep updated:

Keep watching the ad’s, in order to attract the customers they may give some special offers on your groceries. On a particular day in particular bazaar, so avail the offers. Most of the shopping zone provides membership card and special coupons for all valued customers, you can also use those opportunities.

Prefer seasonal products:

Foods in season is usually priced to sell with cheap cost. Sapless food will lead you unhealthy. To lead a healthy life consuming Fruits and veggies is a must. It plays a vital role in our life. So eat fruits and vegetables daily. For that no need to spend too much cost, think smart, Prefer seasonal fruits and veggies. For Eg:  In fruits you can prefer guava than apple. Except summer season guava fruit is available throughout the year. Its nutritive value is high at the same time low cost too. (Cheap at the same time best). This is just one example. So smart purchasing is in your hand.

Purchase in bulk:

Bulk purchases can be a great way to save money and also time. As I said before plan well, consider your family strength and the food they used to eat. Based on that list out all the food material and needed quantity of it. So that you can use for three weeks or for a month.  You can avoid frequent shopping, it saves time and money. Well, before going for bulk purchase keep the list with you, and be aware about the expiry dates. Then only you can preserve for a long day. Compare the price per weight for other bulk items (besides spices) to those in packages before you assume that the bulk section is always a better deal. Sometimes the bulk section wins, sometimes not. Avoid readymade kind of food items like sauce and pickles, Try to make at home and preserve it, probably tastier, healthier and cheaper.

Note: Don’t Always pick the products from the front side of the display, because most of the sellers display the items which will soonest to expire in the front of the shelf and keep the fresh products at the back (so that the items can be sold before it expires). So choose the products the longest expiry dates so that you can have more time to consume it.

Plant a Garden:

You can Eat and enjoy tasty vegetables and herbs from your kitchen garden. Home-grown vegetables, bring the fresh flavors to meals, freshly picked produce will gives you mouth-watering recipes. Just think which one is best, you don’t want big land to grow, Tomatoes even grow well in containers if you don’t have space for a garden. Start small, and see how easy it is to grow fresh herbs or a few simple vegetables. Planting makes you feel, cheaper, tastier and healthier way of consuming food.