Flipkart is an popular online shopping portal in the India where large number of the users are dealing with the Flipkart when compare to other country. They provides tons of tons products in different categories, at very first Flipkart was launched for selling books only. But after sometimes they started to selling some more products in online, now they provides almost every products for our day to day life. That includes Electronic items, Clothes, Books, Software, Cosmetics, Home appliances, etc., They encourage the people to sell products for Flipkart in order to increase the sales by way of their affiliate program. 

What is flipkart’s affiliate program?

     flipkart’s affiliate program is the best way to promote the product in the online to earn the high commission.. If you have the blog or the website you are eligible to join in this program.  First you need to register to participate in this program.  you can use banners, text links, e-mail and other forms of advertising to promote your link or by the purchase or also you will get the commission for that product.

 flipkart affiliate program

Why to Join Flipkart Affiliate Program?

     The percentage of the commission of the every sale is varies from 0.5% to 15% depending on the product you share. There is the doubt arise in everyone’s mind that the flipkart affiliate program is genuine or not?  Flipkart affiliate program is oen and there is no scam . But in the affiliate program you must need the patience, If you won’t get the profit in the starting, it will take time until your sale takes places. Because flipkart is the biggest affiliate programs in INDIA, There is more competitive to face the sales .

Choosing right product

     Income in the affiliate program is by choosing the right product. Choosing the product is the important factor better choose related to your website niche .And the important factor is the quality. While selecting the product in the cheaper price we won’t miss the quality of the product. It is the key to  to increase sales and earn more money with affiliate programs. Then come to the description. Write the correct description, it is the image of the product you sale

 Here are the details of the commission structure into different categories:

Flipkart Affiliate Program Commission in %

Books  10%Laptops & Computer Accessories  4%
Baby Care  10%
Bags, Wallets & Belts  10%
Sunglasses   10%
Clothing  10%
Gaming Consoles  4%
Gaming Accessories  10%
Watches   10%
Perfumes  10%
Toys  12%
Audio & Video  4%
Music, Movies & Posters   10%
eBooks  15%
Footwear  10%
Grooming, Beauty & Wellness   10%
Home & Kitchen  10%
Jewellery  10%
Luggage & Travel Accessories  10%
Software  10%
Sports & Fitness  10%
Stationery & Office Supplies  10%
Mobiles, Tablets & Accessories  4%
Cameras & Accessories  4%

Payment Methods

     In  Indians  mostly people prefer wire transfer payment to directly in bank are available as a recommended payment method and you can also use that money as a gift coupon to buy on flipkart. No other payment option are available.  Flipkart affiliate program gives you two options to choose your payment method.

1. Gift Voucher or redeem coupons
You can use your gift voucher after redeeming a  minimum amount of Rs.250.

2. bank transfer
EFT stands for electronic fund transfer.
If you choose EFT payment method. When your affiliate account  gets 2,500 , it will be transferred to your ban Account directly