Freelancing is the best way to get the extra income. In freelancing there is no need to fill out long applications and browse the Internet for work. Freelancing is also a challenging job. these job is more comfortable for the retired persons, housewives, or as the part time jobs. You can work freely for your own.

 earn money in freelancing

What is a Freelancing ?

     A freelancing is the  service  provided to another person or business.  There is no need to work under the other company , facing the higher official . You can work independently from your home, work at your desired but rather provide work on a project or a consultant basis.  As a freelancer, you are responsible for all taxes, insurance, social security, retirement, etc.

For your protection, You need to put the subcontractor agreement with the client which outlines the project’s parameters for each and every work. Some may also request a Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure (NDA) as well.  These are the safety measures  with the companies which you are working with.

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Way to make money as the freelancer ?

     As the freelancer there are lot of ways to make money as the PR, Graphic Designer, Website Management, bloggers, content writer, Copywriter, Coach, Assistant, Social Media, Tutor, Sales etc. In online there are many websites that help you to provide this services to you.  As per you skills and the qualification you can select the suitable freelancing job, complete the work within the time limit as per the client’s expectations

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Freelancing websites.

     There are many website  that offer freelancers the opportunity to create profiles. Where few of the best websites are, Elance, oDeskFreelance.coFiverr.comFreelancerPeople Per HourFreelance Switch JobsRent A Coder99 Designs.  But my option between  these websites are and These are the  most commonly used online portals for bidding on freelance writing jobs and mainly any monthly payments . It covers all the topic from  ghostwriting to copywriting and it offer limited bid submission for proposals. if you want to bid on a lot of proposals to increase your chances of getting the work, you will need to pay a small monthly fee to do so.

You can able to make money easily through these websites. These websites can put their work out to freelancers from all over the world instead of dealing with want ads and local temporary agencies. Apart from these services , these websites covers  almost any job that can be done via the Internet or off-site, from programming and accounting to translation and graphic design – even engineering projects.

These websites are take a small percentage of the payment as their fee for facilitating the transaction. Choose the correct freelancing work as per your skills and the talents, they often unfulfilling for many writers.  Work itself determine that your writing will be boring and repetitive the longer you do it.

If you are not comfortable  to work from home as a writer as make money as your own, you feel it is harder to do by your own these websites are a great option; however, if you want to make a name for yourself as a writer, such as writing for a magazine.  This is the best way to  increase your revenue.  As the freelance writers you can also write for the magazines to get the better reputation for your websites.  For an even better chance of getting published in the magazine, write the article before querying.

Final Words: People who have good writing skill , freelancing is the best way to get the income.