Google Adsense is the best way to monetize a website/blog. It is related to the advertisement based, they placing the ads in your website or the blog between the every article. The Adsense will provide depending upon the quality of the article and mainly the traffic in your website. The type of the ads will placed is determined by the category of the website whether it is technology, health, entertainment, business, Art or any other. you will get the commission whenever the visitors will click on the ad through your website. Depending upon the traffic in your website the visitors will click on your Ads, For each and every click you will get the commission and you income will get increase.

     The advertisers will place their ad in your website depending upon the traffic of your website. And the traffic is determined by when people will search on particular topic and your website will displayed if you write related their topic in the google search. and the topic will displayed your website based on the keyword will match the people’s search terms entered. Advertisers pay Google when their ad is clicked on and the person is sent to their website.

google adsense money making

There are two type of the AD placed by the Adsense:

1. Text ad

2. Banner ad

The main requirement of applying the Adsense is you must have the A blog/website and a Adsense account.

Way to Apply :

     Go to Google adsense page and sign up  to apply for a new google Adsense id. It is easy to apply. After you sign up they will ask few steps to follow the instruction, after that you will receive the approval mail to your account after that your blog will approved by the google Adsense. Before placing the Ads there are few ways to arrange your blog get ready for the Adsense.

Choose of  correct Ads :

     You have to place the ad in the correct place in the correct size are 300×250 pixel banner ad and 728×90 pixels text  ad. you can help Google display the most relevant ads you have to choose the perfect format too, Where it can’t seems too clumsy Where it looks perfect to your blog. Whether it is text ad or the image ad, whatever locate it correctly groom it better, Then only you will get the correct result. Another factor you have to notice is the color of the ad,. Use the same color to the ad what you are use in your website which seems better look.

You have to monitor if your website is doing well or not, Whether you are writing the valuable content or not and mainly how successful your ad is reach the success. If you will fail to notice your website, the traffic level will go down and as usual your income will also get decrease.

Sometime the google will reject the Adsense because because there are not enough pages on your website.  I tell people to shoot for at least 20-30 pages at the very minimum, and mainly concentrate on the one topic.  If you are write in the different topic, it is hard to target the which type of the ad to place in your website. Try to write the longer article with the good content with tech god layout,  looks clear.

Payments from Google :

     The payment will differ depending upon the category of the website you run. For example If you have a finance site, the ads will probably pay more than the ads on an entertainment site. You can’t estimate the profit you can earn with the Adsense. Google track who is clicking the ads. So don’t trick with your own click to your ads. Otherwise they will burst your website.