In starting stage article marketing seems to be difficult.  Don’t give up,  when you are keep on practising it will come as the habit of post composing, submit in directory, then you will realize is not harder as you think. Try to write the content which is familiar to all. Don’t write with  the boring content.  Social media  like facebook,twitter, linkedIn plays the major role in the article marketing. You will get more readers from the social media by sharing through the pages and walls.important issue of the article marketing is the grabbing the viewer’s attention. here we are more targeted  on the expensive items, They only leads to the high profit. In the starting stage the business of the expensive items seems to be fall, but your effort and your involvement will take the business to the success. it is not hard to promote the expensive items than the cheaper products.
  article writing online

     Collect more knowledge about your product thoroughly, then write about it. Take the summery about the important notes you taken.check all completely before you publish. don’t try to rewrite after you published. focus on everything you write like product, date, order.  Edit the article before you post, correct the grammatical mistakes, errors and the other mistakes you left there, the customers will get the opinion about your product only by your article.  So try to make it perfect Find the correct product which is in demand and attractive by the customers. Advertisement and the  publicity important for the article marketing, Try to deliver to more class people as possible.

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     Make sure that the content you write is with high quality, where it mainly focused on the  back linking proposes and also for the referrals from actual articles.  So target on the both side. Your article is not only in the good content, it might post it regularly, Otherwise you will lose your customers. Try to focus on the new content.  And the great tips to attract more customer is by writing the entertaining content. Try to write n the informal style where it will understandable by all type of customers and your way will attract more customer.  Don’t show your technical skill in our content, it can’t be understandable by all, Avoid the boring content.

Key phrases are very essential in your composing because it is what allows visitors to find your content.  This will leads to the high page rank in the search engine.  Try to select the simple keyword where it was searchable by all person which will list in the top place of the search engine.  Many find it to be one of the best tools for researching niches and keywords.

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Another important you have to focus is the title or heading.  Select the simple title where it will easy to strike in their mind, don’t use your verbal and the technical skill here.  You must also ensure that the title relates closely to your content it is also essential to keep the items of your post easy.

i have few list to article sites that are also good to try:-

After you get the collectable post, collect all your article and publish it as the eBook.  Market it by the email list.  list out the readership and make the note are drawn to titles.  If your article is perfect, attractable by ll, you  will surely get success in the marketing.

article marketing is the decent home business.  it is teh better opportunity for the anyone with good writing, research and Internet skills.