When it comes to the term “Make Money in Online”, Internet provides lots of earning opportunities to the people who wants to earn some additional income. The most popular Money Making ways are Blogging, Freelancing, Affiliate Marketing, Online Trading, Web Designing, etc., Apart from these, “Art & Craft” field has a huge development in the past years, especially Paper Quilling. At very first Paper Quilling is treated as a hobby among the craft makers, but now it turns into a money making platform. In this article i am going to teach what is Paper Quilling and how to make money online through it.

earn money through paper quilling

What is Paper Quilling:

Paper Quilling or Paper Filigree is the Art of rolling the narrow strips of paper using the Quilling needle in order to create beautiful shapes and designs. The primary material for this craft is that Quilling paper, which is available in different colors & sizes on the craft stores. The other related tools & materials is also available in the market widely. This Quilling craft is used to make beautiful Jewelries, Doll and to decorate Greeting Cards, Boxes, Photos, etc., Like other crafts it needs more time and creativity but the learning process is very easy, so anybody can get a good result in their first attempt itself. 

5 Ways to Make Money Online Through Paper Quilling:

1. Create a Craft Blog:

If you wish to Make Money on Internet through your Paper Quilling Skills, then you can choose Blogging as your first preference, because blogging offers multiple features for the people like you. Blogging helps you to earn money in two ways, first one is, you can start a blog in order to write tutorials about Paper Quilling and you can place advertisements for your earning. Another one is you can start your earning by selling your handmade Quilling Crafts through your Craft Blog. Maintaining a Blog is a Technical Skills needed task and also it requires certain amount of money, but it is the most useful way to expose your talents. Once you create a blog, it  will gives you an opportunity to earn more. 

2. Through YouTube:

YouTube is an another wonderful money making platform for talented people, it allows users to earn money by uploading own videos. First you should have a quality video camera or you can use your smartphone’s camera and record video tutorials about Paper Quilling, then create a new YouTube channel and upload your videos regularly. Your YouTube account should be monetized with a Google Adsense Program. Once your videos gets viewed by hundreds of people then your earnings will be started, your earning is depends on your video views.

3. Use Facebook Fan Page:

Facebook Fan Page is one of the best place to market your Paper Quilling craft items, because Facebook is the leading Social Networking Site on the web which has huge number of users. So its possible to reach your products among the wide range of audience in a short period of time. Unlike Blog & YouTube, for maintaining a Fb page you don’t need to have any technical skills & requirements and money. First you should create a new Facebook Fan Page with a unique name, next build a large group of audience for your page. Finally change your audience into your customers by selling your Paper Quilling Crafts through your Fb Page. 

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4. Write & Sell E-Books:

Are you a person, who has a well/creativity knowledge about Paper Quilling then you can write your own E-Book which allows you to earn money by selling it. Your E-Book may includes the complete Paper Quilling tutorials or your experience on Paper Quilling or your creative designs & ideas. There are lots of e-Book selling websites are available in online which helps to reach your e-Book to the public. If your e-Book gives brief guidance to the readers, it will get popular soon. So automatically your earnings will be increased.

5. Sell you Crafts Through Etsy:

We have discussed earlier that Blogs & Facebook Fan Pages are the best places to sell your Quilling crafts in Online. The above mentioned methods are surely takes some times to give the better results. If you wish to get instant results then you can try Etsy.com. Etsy is an Art & Craft based Web-Store, which helps you to market your handmade craft items among the world wide customers. First you should have an account on Etsy, the account creating process is completely free, but they charge just $0.20 for every new product listing. That’s it now you can start to earn money by way of selling your Quilling craft items through Etsy.