Earn money in Online is one of the most searched keyword on the web in the recent years and the Internet have been providing lots of earning opportunities to the people who is looking forward to the Online money making programs. Most of the online money making methods need some investments in order to gain something. Let’s take a Blogging as an example, when it comes to creating a quality blog you should invest some money for buying a domain & a hosting account. But you can use Social Networking sites as an Online money making platform without spending anything. Popular social media sites like Twitter, allows you to start your online earnings.

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Twitter is a micro-blogging platform, where people can share their thoughts, expressions, information among the online users. Unlike the other social sites, Twitter is mostly used for the business & advertising purpose, so users can make money through it easily. Before you are going to use this method, you should have a twitter account with a large number of followers, so that it will give better results. As a Twitter user, you make money by follow the following methods.

earn money using twitter

Best Ways to Make Money on Twitter:

1. Sponsored Tweets:

Sponsored Tweets are the great way to earn money through your twitter profile. There are lots of websites like SponsoredTweets.com, TweetPeddler, are providing these services to the twitter users, so first choose a better one for you. After the registration process, they start to send  the tweets with the promotional links to you, and now you should tweet it to your followers. Once your followers clicked the links on the Sponsored tweets, you will be getting paid by the sponsors. The earnings will be depends on the clicks and the type of advertisements. Once your account has reached the minimum payment level, you can get your earnings through PayPal or such other Online payment methods.

2. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing helps you to make hundreds of dollars in a short period time. As a twitter user, you can earn money by way of sending tweets along with the Affiliate links of a particular product or a service. Our Internet is fully covered by tons of Affiliate Programs, for example, Amazon Affiliate program is one of the most popular affiliate service on the web. Amazon sells almost every product in our daily life, so choose some particular products and make some tweets about it along with its affiliate link from Amazon. If anybody buy the products through your affiliate link, then you will be getting paid by Amazon. 

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3. Adf.ly:

Earn money through URL Shortener Services is an another best way to earn money for the twitter users. There are lots of URL shortening services are available in online and Adf.ly is the most recommended one. After registering into it, now you can shorten any URL and you can share it on Twitter. The content may be anything in your URL, but it will display an Advertisement before displaying your content whenever the users clicked the URL. The earnings are calculated by the Shortened URL click counts.

4. Sponsored Contest:

Sponsored Contest is nothing but the users are allowed for participating in the Contest conducted by many Companies. Many Companies allow unlimited number of Twitter users to participate in the contest to promote and to reach their product to the common people. This contest doesn’t need any quality profile or a profile with many numbers of followers and it is based only on the Talents of a user. The eligibility for this contest is all need is a Twitter account.

5. Blog Traffic:

Are you a Blogger and owns a blog, then you can earn money through your blog by way of sending the targeted traffic from your twitter account. Suppose if you didn’t a blog, then try to sell the traffic to any other blog/website, because there is a huge demand for quality “Referral Traffic” in the blogging field. So first create a strong profile, then approach some bloggers to make money by way of sending traffic to their blog.