Buysellads is a online direct advertisement network that helps to get more money to the bloggers and webmasters.  BSA is just differ from Google Adsense but BuySellAds can be considered one of the best advertisement program on the internet, where you can get more revenue than the Google Adsense, if you have an approved account. Generally Buysellads works like a middle man between the publishers and the advertisers.  It is not easy to get the new account approval from Buysellads, because you needs to fulfill certain requirements from that program. Buysellads is denoted as the BSA, where it is determined by the traffic of your website.  There is a substantial number of advertisers are available in online, who are seeking appropriate websites to place their adverts. In theBuySellads if you will set up your ad price as $100/30 days, you will be getting $75 into your account, they will get the 25% of transaction as the commission for this service. Where the other ad networks get the commission charge 30-40%. You don’t have to pay anything in order to use their service but when an advertiser buys an ad from your site, But my advice you set minimum limit and once 1 ad slot is sold, increase the price by 10%.

how to make money with buysellads

How to Make Money Online with :

How to use BuySellAds?

     Visit the Buysellads official website to open a new account in BSA. Fill up the details like personal details with email id, verification code and click submit.  After submitting they usually takes 4-5 working days for them to reply to your application like the google adsense. Once your BuySellads application has got approved, you can login to buysellads account with your details.  Add a Zone: Zone is basically ad slot that you are offering.

Types Of Ads:-  BSA Presently Supports

  1. Display Ad Banners
  2. Display in RSS Feeds
  3. Background Takeovers
  4. Image + Text
  5. Sponsored Tweets
  6. Text Ads (Not For SEO)
  7. Custom
  8. Email Newsletter

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Tips To Approve Your Blog On BuySellAds :

     You must get these criteria before you will get the BuySellAds approval. Your blog must have these qualifications like

1. High Social Activity of website increase chances of approval.

2. Not only the objectionable content, must be the quality content.

3. Top alexa page rank 4, Minimum 100,000 Impressions per Month.

5. The site should have adequate fan base ( RSS subscribers).

6. No Copyright Infringement, No Adult Content, No Illegal Content.  

7. At least two Ad Spaces.

8. BSA won’t allow sites hosted on free blogging platforms like and

9. Own a Niche.

10. No porn, anything illegal, or containing even remotely *questionable* content.

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Positives About BuySellAds:-

 You will get the profit of the 75% of Revenue in the selling ad spaces
  1. Publishers have all the rights to manually approve ads to be shown on their websites.
  2. Ads Installation is very easy with easy HTML code.
  3. BSA support team is very good and helpful.

Negatives About BuySellAds:-

  1. After Got the BSA Approval is hard to get the 100,000 page views per month.
  2. Websites must have been written in English to get accepted.
  3. Getting into this program is very difficult.

BuySellAds is a best alternative advertising programs for Google Adsense on the web. So bloggers can make considerable amount of money through their blog using BSA.