As a blogger, all should know about the ads, which will indirectly pay you on the basis of Pay Per Click. Placing ads on your blog is the easiest way, but you have to put some hard work on your blog to improve traffic. Basically what it means that, giving link of an ad on your blog, resulting you can get paid for the number of clicks made on it by your visitors, Simply Pay Per Click concept. Google Adsense network is the world’s easiest and the wealthiest way to earn more money on your blog. Similar to this, Chitika is also an ad network, which will provide you ads and then will pay you as per clicks.

how to make money with chitika

What is Chitika?

     Most of the bloggers use Google Adsense, but Chitika is a good alternative ad network. If your blog is having good traffic then you can earn more than adsense. That is, the payment of Chitika not only depends on the number of clicks made it also depends on the place where the visitors be. If the visitors came from U.S or U.K, then you will get higher and higher than others. Chitika provides $0.10 per click for international visitors like US/UK/Canada. Of-course, it will pay you more than other networks.

If you have good traffic, Obviously your visitors should come from US or UK. Next thing is that, the number of visitors come to your blog also matters alot. Number of clicks made on the ads on your blog will also pay you more.

How to make money with Chitika easily?

I will give few simple steps to improve your earnings with Chitika.

1. Start a blog:

     If you are not a blogger, start it right now, It is a simple and it costs very low. Start a blog of your own interest, otherwise you cannot maintain the blog so far. You can choose anything as of your interest , but the blog should portray your ideas, If you are not starting a blog with no ideas you would have been gone out of ideas. So select a field in which you are passionate about. And you have a need to post regularly, it will increase the count of visitors to your site then automatically you traffic will improve. This is what we want and this is the key to earn more and more online.

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2. Open Chitika account:

     Opening Chitika account is a very easy and time saving way, it will take only few seconds to fill your basic details like Name, Address, email ids, blogs URL, etc., and then choose your username and password on your choice.

3. Placing Ads:

     After the approval of Chitika publisher account, you can put ads on your blog and can start earning. Login to your account, choose the type of ad, they will provide you the link of the ad which you have chosen. There may be three type of ads, Link ads, Text ads and mobile ads. You can customize it, by the way how it can be shown up on your blog, then copy the link code and then place it wherever you want to put on your blog.

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4. Using Referrals:

     This is also a simple method like placing ads, it means that, just copy the referral link from the referral program and then place it on your blog. You will get commission of 10% for every person registering Chitika by using your referral link.

I hope these simple steps will help you to start with Chitika. It is more beneficial than other methods, such as,

  • 10% commission for referral.
  • Easy to start with.
  • Pay Pal and cheque option.
  • For PayPal minimum cash-out is $10 and for cheque it is $50.
  • They will pay you at the end of every month.