More than 500 million people using Facebook. We used to chat with friends, gaming, surfing, collecting more informations, and importantly you can able to make money through the Facebook. You can spend your time  in the useful way.  You can sell directly to the Facebook fans using few ways.  You can interact with your Facebook friends  to improve your business.  You can able to clear the tons of customers through the Facebook to take your business to the next level.

make money from fb

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Real Ways to Make Money Using Facebook :

Advertise on Facebook:

     You can use your Facebook  page to sell own products as the marketing place. You can advertise your product through your friends and then it spread your pages through the mutual friends and than in wider way. For this main purpose, social media is considered as the good marketing place,  And in addition you can use to easily set up your ads for Facebook  through the numerous Facebook apps. You can post your product in the wall or through photos or the videos.

Many people will  their websites or the blogs to  promote their product, but here there is no need to have the website or the blog, Facebook resolve all the problems to promote your product directly via Facebook.

Use Affiliate Marketing :

     You can make money as the Affiliate marketing in the Facebook.  Affiliate marketing  is the best way to make money in  online.  Many websites like Amazon, EBay, ClickBank will help you to provide the affiliate marketing service. The main qualification of making money in affiliate marketing  is, you need to join the affiliate program through the Facebook account.  There are many online membership companies that can make a lot of money from people who register for their service

Creating the affiliate account in  your Facebook page in own mainly for the purpose to increase traffic by getting more  targeted audience. You can earn commission When a visitor either buys through one of those links or registers and becomes an active  affiliate marketing user.

To promote  in website or blog:

     After you get the more visitor in your Facebook account , you have to create the good popularity among the Facebook page followers by creating the trust between them. Once you get the good reputation among them then you can get sponsorship from some other trustable peoples who are interested to do the affiliate marketing using Facebook.

You can also improve the traffic to your website or the blogs, to get more visitors. You have to promote your Facebook page in your website or the blogs.  It will help to improve your page rank. You have to interact the users and always connected with them and importantly you must upload the post continuously without any break.  It will improve your website as well you will monetize your website.  If you have the good writing skill, You can do the freelancer job in your Facebook otherwise you can promote your eBook in your page. and additionally you can get income through the ad …

Now you can use the Facebook not only for the chatting  in the useful way too.