Saving money on your Electricity Bills can be a great idea to a save certain amount of money on your family budget. Rich or poor, the utility bill is one of the major expenses in our budget which shouldn’t be avoided completely. But we can reduce these kind of bills in order to save a few hundreds in every month that helps add some extra money in your wallet. Because of the evaluation of technology, we are forced to use dozens of Home Appliances & Gadgets to run our daily life. In addition to that, most of the working people don’t have a time to finish their household work, so it is difficult to do our work without the help of these products.These devices need electric energy to perform its work completely, so that’s only our EB bills are increasing significantly. But you can lower your electric bills by making some sacrifices which are mentioned below, just remember to follow these tips to keep your Electricity bills within your Budget.

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Tips to Save Money on Your Electricity Bill:

1. Unplug your Appliances:

Turn Off and Unplug your home Appliances every time after using it, this is one of the most effective ways to reduce the power consumption. Most of these appliances like Television, Washing Machine, Dishwasher, etc., are sucking power continuously whenever they are plugged in, even they are not in use. So you can reduce few percentage of money on your monthly EB bill by just unplug the unused items.

2. Turn Off The Lights:

This is the major mistake which is done by most of the people often. From kids to older People, many of them forgot to turn off the lights when they leave a room. So build it a habit for your family members to turn off the lights when they are not using them and then you can see some difference in your EB consumption.

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3. Avoid Electric Kitchen Appliances:

Always use Gas Kitchen Appliances instead of using Electric Kitchen Appliances for your food preparation and cooking, this method leads to decrease over 30% of the total power consumption. for example, if you use Microwave oven in your kitchen till now, then stop using it hereafter, because it consumes large amounts of energy. So use Gas ovens instead of using Microwave ovens, and always use Pressure Cooker, which helps you to save both time & energy.

4. Choose the Right Light Bulbs:

This is one of the most effective ways to save the power. Always choose the right light bulbs for every room, for example main room of a house should have some extra brightness then the other rooms. and small rooms like Bathroom, don’t need over brightness. So choose light bulbs depends on the rooms and your needs and it should consume low energy. There are lots of low energy LED bulbs are available in the market, which consumes more than five times less electricity than a standard fluorescent lamp, so replace it with your old lights.

5. Use Sun Energy & Windows:

If the windows of your home are located on North/East side, then try to use the complete benefit of the sunlight by just opening the window, but make sure that the window was covered by the curtains which helps to block heat from the Sun. By doing like this you don’t need to use any lights in the daytime and also you can create & use energy from Sun light by using solar panels(but it needs some more investments).

At Night time you can cool your house by simply opening the window in order to avoid the Air conditioner all over the night, and you can use a Fan for getting some fresh air. This way is also helps you to cut down your Energy bill.

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I hope that this article will helps you to reduce your electricity bill and save your money. You can also help your friends by sharing it.