Everybody is having the question as CAN I MAKE MONEY ONLINE? Yes, Of-course we can earn money online from home itself. There are several methods available. But you have to choose the right path first. You cannot get it overnight. You have to put your hard work. It will gradually increase your earnings. Once you start earning online , no-one can stop yours. It will get gradually increased and you will get it for lifetime.

     The amount of money you earned was totally depending on your hard work and effort you put it on it. Here I have been listed 10 best ways to make money online, select which one meets your requirements. All The Best….

online money making ideas

Top 10 Better ways to make money online :

1.Blogging or Websites:

     Well, tons and tons of ideas u have in your mind, Nobody is there to share your thoughts? Then don’t worry. Start a blog, Pour your ideas and thoughts to it. Thats it. You can earn as well as you can have a place and people to hear and comment your thoughts.

    Blogging is a healthiest way to earn money online. It means that, you can get money for a longtime. Blogging is wide and very popular nowadays. You can start blog for your own interest with a small amount of investment. What you have to do is, Sharing your knowledge with good English skills. For example,  If You are familiar in software program, then you can start the blog about software programs. By sharing alone you cannot get money, with the help of advertising companies you can easily earn. Once you take your site into a quality and developed one, You will definitely sure for money for lifetime. Little bit of maintenance also needed for this.

2. GPT Programs:

     Get- Paid-To sites are one of the very useful and easy way to earn online. Nowadays these are very popular among teenagers. There are several ways in GPT programs. But each one is unique. You want to do some actions in their sites, depending upon the actions you will get paid. One of the most known GPT program is that PTC- Paid To Click. They have some ads on their sites, You have to make a click on it and have to watch that ad for a particular time period. Now you have to enter a code for a proof of, you have watched that ad. But you can earn quite less amount.

Another way is, simply signing-up in free websites, Participating in surveys, signing-up in newsletters, Playing games, etc., u can get credited for it. Online survey is a simple method, that is register with simple details that they asked and then answer the questions which they have already in their sites. This is very useful for people, whom having less knowledge and need to earn money more. So it is very useful for less skilled persons. I will make sure of money. But it will not give money to run a family. Teenagers using this for their pocket money. If you want more money, Then don’t try this.

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3. Content Writing:

     As I said earlier, Blogging is very good healthy as well as wealthy way to make money online. If you are very good in English knowledge, and expertise in any field, then you can be a content writer. You ill get more for your worthy contents. Most of the popular as well as developing sites require a good content writer to maintain higher level and to develop their sites. Simply they will pay for your thoughts. It is quite easier way to earn.

4. Affiliation(Affiliate/Resell):

     If you have a quality blog or site you can earn so so much. so blogging is very good source in online money making. If you have a popular blog, Then you can be an affiliater or re-seller. For this you need to buy a product, they will give specific code for the product you have to promoted. Put this is ad in your blog, If any visitor from your site purchase this product then after completing the purchase you will get credited for that. Now you can understand that, why I am always mentioning you about a “Quality Blog”. A Quality blog Have number of visitors and number of email subscribers high. So signup for an affiliate program with a companies like jabong, flipkart, etc., start referring your friends. It is purely a commission based program.

5. Buy and Sell Domains:

     Buying and selling Domains are the easier way to earn with a little amount of money and time. Housewives having better knowledge about sites and computers can earn high in their leisure time. Buy a domain in a registered site or a cheaper price, Sell it with the profitable amount. sedo.com, godaady.com,  afternic.com are the most leading domain market places. Make use of it.

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6. Online tuition:

     This is a competitive world for kids too. Every parent wants their kids to get first rank in school level. Then they wanted their kids to get seat in IIT, to placed in a very good MNC’s. Now the education is more more important, But the demand of tutors are highly growing. Obviously The world is for computer and internet connections. If you are a teacher or specialized in any subject, you can teach students online. You can start your own site for e-tuition, or you could be a part of any online tuition sites. For this you want to be in online for a particular time, So you want to invest some amount for a system and for internet connection.

     tutor.com is a website where they matched so many students wit tutors by the requirement f their subjects. There you are asked to attend some kind of tests online, after evaluating you by tat tests they will offer you for the students. By this you will get job satisfaction and also a good amount of money to run a very good life.

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 7. PPD(Pay Per Download):

     PPD is nothing but Pay Per Download. Upload your own files and documents in PPD site, Then you can get a link for that file. Now share that link on website, You will get credited for the number of clicks made by visitors on your link. When people do click on it, They will be asked to do a survey before download it. After the completion of survey you can get paid. Example site is Filelce.net.

8. Web designing:

     It is the easiest and a very common way to earn money online. If you are a very good web designer, you could earn money from your home itself. As more and more people seek an online presence, the demand for website templates and word press themes are quietly increasing. Even nowadays small companies, schools, colleges, textiles started to initiate their own sites to show their products and about their infrastructures. So any small to big organization need to start their websites in this networking world.

     If you are a genius in web designing and coding, you will be getting paid from the most popular as well as the developing sites. TemplateMonster and Themeforest are the leading market place for themes and coding. Here you can sell your own themes too.

9. You tube:

     As all you know, You tube is a famous Google’s video site. If you are an actor, comedian, dramatist, musician, director, then upload your own creativity videos in You tube. Or you can upload any scientific creativity of you. For example, You would have done any science related projects, Then capture it with high quality and then upload it in You tube. You can get paid according to the number of clicks on the ads which is placed on your video. This is similar to Pay Per Click program.

10. By selling e-books:

   If you are an expert in any field, and have written any books? Searching Publishers and waiting for investments to publish your books? Don’t worry. Here is the best way to sell your books in online as e-book. If your book is worthy then You will get higher, Because of yours copyright.

Though I have discussed so many things, do choose which one suits you and start earning online.