Data Entry is an ultimate job to earn money in Online and it is considered as one of the most convenient jobs on the web. Because it doesn’t need any great technical skills as well as a huge amount of investments, so anybody can do it. Through these jobs you can earn some extra income in your spare time from your home itself in order to improve your financial stability. And your income will depend on certain factors such as the type of the data entry work, working hours, typing speed and accuracy, etc., The requirements are very common, which includes basic computer & internet skills, typing skills and a little bit language skills. You can find tons of tons data entry job providing websites in online, but most of them are scams, so here I listed some legitimate data entry jobs below, so try to use it.

Online Data Entry Jobs

Requirements for The Data Entry Jobs:

When it comes to the requirements for the Online data entry jobs, you don’t need to have any difficult technical qualifications. But you should have some basic common skills that was I described below.

Basic Computer & Internet Knowledge: Not only for these jobs, basic computer operating skills are the primary need for doing anything on the internet. But don’t worry, because you don’t be a computer genius, you can be just a geek. And also you should have a basic internet knowledge that helps to do this job properly. (I think most of the people have the good computer operating skills in these days).

Proper Typing Skills: Data entry jobs are full and full typing based jobs, so proper typing skills are must. Proper typing indicates the typing speed and accuracy. As a user you should have the ability to type at least 50 words per minute (50WPM) with less mistakes. You can also join these jobs, even If you don’t have good typing skills, but it is really hard to resist in these programs for a long time. And also you can’t able to earn considerable amount of money in a span period of time. So first try to type properly.

Note: There are lots of websites are available in online, which helps to improve your typing speed & accuracy. So don’t forget to use these opportunities.


Types of Data Entry Jobs:

Data entry jobs are available in various categories some of them are as follows. 

1. Captcha Entry Jobs:

Captcha entry jobs / Captcha solving jobs are one of the easiest jobs, where you need to enter a correct security verification code that shown as the image. These Captcha codes are used for protection purpose in online. Companies are only able to create these captchas in an image format so they want to convert it in text format, so that’s only they are willing to pay money to the people who solving these captcha codes. Some useful Captcha entry job sites are:

2. Survey Jobs:

There is a huge list of Companies wants to get the opinions about their product/service from the people in order to improve their business. Sometimes they may take a survey for their future releasing products. So they are ready to pay money for the people who is willing to attend these surveys. In these jobs you just have to enter the answers to the required questions, once the survey is completed, then you will be getting paid by the companies. Useful Survey job sites are:

3. Form Filling Jobs:

Form filling jobs are the another home based online data entry jobs, where you can earn money by just filling various kinds of forms. Like other data entry jobs, basic computer operating skills, internet connection are the eligiblity for these kind of jobs. As a earner you can earn a huge amount of money through these jobs, but you can make your spare time more valuable by way of working and also you can add some additional money in your wallet. 

4. Content Writing:

It is just differ, then the other data entry jobs, for working as a freelance content writer in online you need to have a good typing skill along with a better writing skill. There is a high demand for the article writers in online all around the world, most of the website/blog owners don’t have a time to update their blog frequently so they are willing to pay money for the unique contents. So it is a golden opportunity for the writers, but they should have an ability to write a variety of high quality articles on different topics. 

5. Micro Jobs:

Micro jobs are the temporary jobs that contains small tasks, which can be done within a short period of time. Once you have finished a particular job, then you will get paid for the job and the job contract will be closed. Then you can search for the another job. There are lots of Micro jobs are available in online such as Content Promotion, Social Media Promotion, Animation, Backlink Building, SEO, Logo Design, Banner creation, Forum Posting, etc., So choose a job in your suitable category. Useful Micro Job sites: