Making Money through URL Shortening Services is one of the effortless earning methods in Online, because it doesn’t need any additional technical skills & investments. At very first you should know about the URL shortening service. The URL Shortening tool is nothing but a kind of tool which helps to compress a long size URL into a short URL. Hundreds of free URL shorterners are available in online, but some of them are additionally providing the earning opportunity to the users. Using these services, you can able to short any URL(from Websites, Blogs, Social Media) into a small one. After the shortened process, you have to promote that URL in online through blogs, E-mails, Forums, Social Networks, etc., When anybody click on the shortened URL, it will redirect to a new page which will display advertisements for few seconds. After the few seconds the original URL page will be opened automatically. For this service you will get paid by those websites mentioned above, your earnings will be depends on the total number of clicks. Now I am going to describe about the top 5 best URL Shortening services to earn money in online.

earn money through url shorteners

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Top 5 Best URL Shortening Services:


In our list should be in the first place, because it is the best and one of the most trusted URL shortening services which paid prompt payment for their users. It is completely free to create a new account on As a user you can earn Approximately $5 for every 1000 views for your shortened URLs, and you can also able to earn some extra money by referring this service to others in online. Another interesting thing is that the minimum payout is just $5, so join now and get started your online earnings. 

2. is a modern URL shortener where you can start to earn money by compress your links. Anybody can join in with free of cost and have a eligible to use this service. once your links start to viewed by another person then your earnings will be started and you can earn a maximum $4 for 1000 views for your links. Even you can refer this program to others in order to increase your earnings. They allow users to check the Real-time statistics with revenue reports at any time. The minimum payout is $10.


Linkbucks is an another ultimate website where you can make effortless money by just converting and sharing your links. Compared with, it has a great Alexa rank as well as great popularity on the web. They also provide a decent rate to users for every 1000 visitors and the referral program is also available for people who wants to earn some additional money. Once your account has reached $10 then you will get paid.

4. is a new Link compressor service, but it also offers the considerable rates for users for their URL converting service. Users can able to earn 20% commissions with the help of its Affiliate program and it provides another advertising program(through Monetization plugin) specially for the webmasters who wants to monetize their website. You can track your earnings with complete stats and the minimum payout for per account is $10.

5. Linkshrink.Net

Linkshrink is one of the best URL Shortener on the web which offers high payout rates to users who use this service in order to earn money. They offer maximum $4(depends on various countries) for every 1000 views, it’s completely free to join and detailed earning statistics are also available. Users can earn 15% lifetime commission for every referral. The Minimum payout is $5  via PayPal or Payza.