As a blogger we always spend many hours in researching, analyzing, finding topics to write a single blog post. After publishing a stellar content, we wish to get traffic for the article from major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., Because Search Engines brings organic traffic for your blog, which helps to improve the health & performance of a blog. After the search engines, Social media sites are the another big hope for bloggers for generating blog traffic. In the early stage of social media, it was used by people only for the communication & entertainment purpose. But in the recent years, it turned as a better marketing place in online, so it also helps bloggers too. So that’s only most of the successful bloggers know, that’s how to use social media sites effectively in order to increase the blog traffic. 

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How to Promote your Blog on Social Media Sites:

Here are the top 5 effective tips for bloggers to boost the blog traffic through social media sites.

1. Must Have a Separate Profiles:

There are variety of social networking sites are available in online, so first choose certain most popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Linkedin, Reddit, etc., Then try to create a new account on these sites for your blog and don’t use your personal profile for promotion. Because having a separate profiles will give you a better results and surely you will see the improvements in the traffic chart soon. 

Note: While creating a profile for your blog on Social Media, don’t forgot to use your Blog’s name as a username.

2. Complete your Profiles:

If you want to enjoy the full benefits of the Social Media, then you have to complete your profile with the details of your blog. Because a profile with complete details will attract the readers soon in their first visit. First try to design a unique cover photo & profile picture that should represent your blog, there are lots of free designing tools are located on the web so create yourself. Always use the same profile images for all your social sites, so that’s only your readers will not confuse. Don’t forget to write a short introduction about your blog along with your blog’s url in the about section. 

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3. Be Active:

Like in blogging, as a user you have to update all your social media profiles often with your blog contents. If a social profile didn’t have a frequently updating, then no one wants to return the page again, then how to get the attention from the readers. So try to keep your profiles fresh as you can. If you didn’t have a enough time, don’t worry, there are lots of automatic content sharing tools are available in online and most of them are free, So try to use the benefits of these services.

4. Share Other People’s Blog Content:

While sharing your blog’s content on your social media profiles, don’t forget to follow the golden rule. The golden rule is that share more blog content from other bloggers more than your blog contents. Come to think of it, it’s just madness, but it is the most recommended social media tactics for the blog promotion. Because you can’t drive traffic by just dropping your blog post links. You can encourage other bloggers to share your contents by way of sharing their blog’s contents on your account. If your content gets more shares then it is possible to get more traffic. So if you see a great piece of content from other pages, then don’t hesitate to share it. 

5. Display Social Media Buttons on your Blog:

The simplest way to promote your blog content on social media is, that just displaying the popular social sharing buttons on your blog. It is easy too. There are hundreds of free social sharing plugins are available for wordpress blogs such as WP MashSocial Wigdet, Easy Social Share Buttons, etc., Install any of these plugin at the top/bottom of your blog post, and encourage your blog readers to share the articles on the social media sites. If the readers feel that your article is helpful then the number of shares will be increased and also the traffic will be increased.