“A picture is worth a thousand words”, yes that’s 100% true, because a single picture can explain an entire story. When it comes to the internet, eye catching images is one of the most wanted tools in the online market. Because thousands of webmasters and companies need high quality images in order to promote their product/service among the online users. So that’s only the demand for the photographers has been growing rapidly. In this digital world, it is not difficult to take great photos, because there are lots of professional digital cameras are available at affordable price in the market. In addition to that most of the high end smartphones come with the high resolution camera features. For taking wonderful pictures, you don’t be an expert, you just know to take photos sharp & clear.

As a photographer(Professional/Hobby), you can make money by just selling your own stock images online. There are plenty of websites are offering this service on the web, so first choose a site and joined as a member. Then upload your original & high quality images on your gallery. If anybody finds your images helpful, they will buy it from the site, so you will be get paid on commission basis. Here i have mentioned some of the most popular sites which allow you to sell your images.

sell your photos online

                        Image Credit: Pixabay.com

Top Websites to Sell your Photos Online:

1. iStockphoto:

iStockphoto is a most well known site in the market, which contains a huge collection of stock images in their database. They allow users to make money by selling own stock images, but it’s little bit hard.  At very first you should create a new account on iStockphoto(it’s completely free), then you will be asked to participated in a quiz. After completing the quiz, you have to submit three sample images of your photography. If they accepted your samples, you can start making money by selling your images through their site. As a user you can get 20 – 40% of commission for every sale of your images.  

2. Fotolia:

As a photographer, If you want to earn some huge amount of money through your photos, then you should go for Fotolia.com. Fotolia is one of the most popular stock photo sites with millions of collections. They offer the highest percentage of commission to their users, you can get up to 64% of commission for your every sale. First sign up an account and start to upload your images, then your earnings will be started.

3. Dreamstime:

Dreamstime is an another great site which offers the earning program for the photographers. Creating an account on Dreamstime is completely free so anybody can join without any cost. For every sale, a user can get 25 – 50% of revenue share (the commission rate depends on 5 levels). Sometimes exclusive images can get an additional 10% of bonus of each download. There is a $100 minimum payout threshold, once your account reached the limit, they will send you the payment through Paypal and other such methods.  

4. Shutterstock:

Shutterstock is one of the leading Stock photos providing site on the web. To make money by selling your images through this, site you need to create an account, which is completely free of cost. After the sign up process, now you can upload your images to their database. For every sale of your images you can earn $0.25 – $28.00, it depends on different things such as quality, licence, etc.,  You can able to increase your earning by reading their free contributor success guide. 

5. Stockxpert:

Stockxpert is a most recommended Royalty – free stock photography community among the webmasters & online companies. Here you can find tons of latest and high resolution stock images for affordable prices, so it’s the first choice for most of the online marketers. As a photographer you can start your online earning by selling your stock images through this site and they offer up to 50% of revenue share on each sale of your own photos.