There are so many ways are available in online to make money. Check our previous article ( Top 10 Better ways to make money online ). The world is covered by internet, It means that we are in the networking world. If you have an internet connection, You can earn money in part time or full time. Affiliate marketing is well growing nowadays and it is the most popular and best way to earn money online. Anybody can earn huge profit by doing affiliate marketing. But the bloggers have added some advantages. Why I am insisting this always means, A quality blogger have number of visitors high. This is highly important to earn money in those kind of opportunities.

money making affiliate programWhat does an affiliate marketing mean?

An Affiliate marketing is basically between three people. An affiliate marketer is someone who promoted(displayed advertisements of any products on their blog or website) any product to their readers, It means that, you will be act like a online salesman. You want to convince your buyers, that the product is good and beneficial. If they buy that product, then you will get paid. (It means that you will get commission).

Is it so hard?

Affiliate program is the fastest but not the easiest way to make money online. It is hard until you start it. You have to work hard  to earn first income. When your blog or website become a quality site, the number of readers and e-mail subscribers get increased. Once you reached that point, the things will getting easier.

What you want to do?

     An Affiliate marketing does not need any qualification rather than a blog and an internet connection. Display the banner ad of the brand or what the retailer is want to sell, for this the blog holder get rewarded with money. So it satisfies the retailer, blogger and the customer to buy what he wants.

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How does it work?

     If you have a quality blog, then you are just a way ahead with your success. When you sign up for an affiliate program like Flipkart Affiliate Program, they will give you tracking id or link, for which you have to promote the product. Most of the affiliate programs will give you a ready-made banners, text links otherwise they will provide a link, by copying that links on your blog, you are promoting the products. As I said earlier, a quality blog had number of visitor in higher amount of order. When the visitor make a click on the products link, they will get redirected to the product site. If they purchase that product or subscribe any service from that site, you will receive reward for that. Here you are acting as a referrer for the product site. According to the commission , you will get paid. The retailers track your performance by your affiliate Id Which would have given by them. This is most popular in U.S and U.K. It became a new trend for money making and it will make profit for both the retailers and publishers. So now this trend is exponentially growing in developing countries like India. Here are some effective tips for a healthy affiliate marketing.

Pay Per Scale: 

     This will done only if the visitors buy a product using your referral link. It is nothing but, The sellers will reward you a percentage of that product price(Sale price), When the visitors purchase it.

Pay Per Click:

     This is a very common method. But this you can get credited based on the number of visitors you have redirected to the product site from your affiliate site. Simply it means that, depending on the number of clicks made on that link. It is applicable whether the visitors you have been referred made a purchase or not.

Pay Per Lead:

     After clicking on the links, the visitors will redirected to the product’s site know. Their they can buy a product, or they can subscribe any of their service. You can get paid once the visitors, you have referred filled their contact information on the product’s site by filling the simple form what is in their site.