People using PayPal to buy products online by using major credit cards. It is more popular and easier way to send and receive money online. At first, PayPal made partnership with Ebay, Nowadays all online merchants accepted PayPal as their accepted method to pay for online purchases. It is also the secured way among all the other methods like Online Banking, Cash on Delivery, EMI, etc., Create a PayPal account with your Email address, and then you can make a purchase online using your credit cards. Your credit card Numbers and passwords will not be stolen by anyone. For personal account it will be free with monthly withdrawal of limited amount. Check for more activities.

what is paypal and how to create new payal account

Can i use PayPal ?

     Yes, of-course. Anyone can create a PayPal account with their Email address. If you are not having PayPal account, then think over it and create a new account today itself. It has more benefits then other mode of payments.  It is more popular in well developed countries, because of it’s lowest cost. Main advantage of this is you can create it with free of cost and it does not require monthly or early maintenance cost and processing cost.

Why do i go for PayPal ?

     There are so many ways available for online payment for purchasing, money transferring but PayPal is a recent trend which is quite healthy & easier way to pay online and transaction of money.  Check the benefits of PayPal below.

Secure :

     Once you create an account in PayPal, you need to store the details of bank account, credit card numbers and whatever details you have. After this you need not to mention your credit card details again and again while purchasing products online. Your credit card numbers and bank details will be in private security in PayPal. It will store multiple financial sources like multiple bank accounts, debit & credit cards.

Profitable Money Transfer :

       If you child or family is in another place of world for their studies or work. PayPal is an effective method to transfer money to them with less processing fee, at the same it will reach quickly. There are several money transferring methods available in nature, but they will charge more amount as processing fee to transfer money from one place to other. Hence it is more profitable than all other existing methods.

Flexibility :

     As i sad already, after creating a PayPal account it will store multiple bank accounts, credit & debit card details. If you made any purchase in online using PayPal, it will take fund from the sources you have been given already. it does not require any bank account number, Net-banking user id & password, credit card number, expiry date, etc., and it will not disclose any of your details with any other person or websites.

Priceless :

     It will not entertain any cost for it. Once you sign up, it will create and maintain all your personal details with it. It will be free of cost. No processing and maintenance cost is needed.  For personal account it will be free with minimum amount of withdrawal for every month. for commercial purpose it will be expensive.

iPhone Apps :

     Apple iPhone having the PayPal apps with it. Using this you can purchase goods and services and can send money over the world. By this you will be able to transfer and receive money, pay bills, make purchases and review your transactions. If your father forgotten to pay any bill like Eb-bill, telephone bill or to send money to your relation, you will be helpful for him.